Non routine maintenance classification is a project that focuses on analyzing airline mechanic notes and translating them into a form that can be more easily evaluated in future projects.   Most importantly, AIXI is building one of the largest mechanic ontologies in the world capable of accomplishing this task.   AIxI will be able to transition between different sights, airlines and even industries with a focus on translating the untranslatable.

Building off of our natural language parsing tools, AIXI uses the insights gleaned from from our classification tool to identify the root causes of various systemic system problems.  In many cases, these problems are non obvious, and require the both statistical and artificial engineering solutions for identification.

Once a problematic root cause is identified, the proper corrective action is determined either though customer collaboration or though various artificial intelligent approaches.   Ultimately, AIXI's goal is to reduce the number of unplanned system maintenance, repair and down time using the above methodologies.

Finally, through strategically planned maintenance and supply chain management, AIXI can further reduce costs by anticipating downtime and reacting to it with forethought and predictive actions.  Ultimately reducing costs and improving reliability. 

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