With over 45 combined years in the artificial intelligence space, the AIXI team has had experience in multiple industries including the Department of Defence, Navy and commercial airlines.  Our experience extends to the analysis and translating of mechanical records for the purpose of identifying, anticipating and predicting maintenance issues.

Cameron Byrd
Founder / CEO

Cameron is a private pilot with a strong passion for all things aviation.   He has been working in the software industry for over 17 years and has over 12 years of experience developing machine learning and artificial intelligence systems capable of extracting actionable intelligence from disparate data sources.   He helped design, create and patent an Automatic Configurable Sequence Similarity Inference System capable of creating contextual and correct workflows for the DOD.  In addition, he was given a captain’s coin for his work as lead architect on a project for the Navy focused on identifying the root cause of hypoxia experienced by pilots of T-45 aircraft using maintenance records and aircraft logs.   Finally, he has participated in multiple startup companies in roles ranging from lead engineer to president to CTO and co-founder.

Matthew Fisher
Founder / CTO

 Matt Fisher is a physicist and data scientist who specializes in supply chain management related problems. In his previous role at Saffron (Intel) he lead 4 major projects: 1) A machine learning assisted parts classification engine for the Boeing Chinook helicopter fleet, 2) a streaming multi-sensor pattern matching application for use in diagnostics with the Boeing Dreamliner, 3) A remaining useful life  (RUL) analysis for jet engines using multiple machine learning and simulation techniques and 4) A large scale root cause analysis project to detect misbehaving machines in a semiconductor manufacturing facility.  Matt first began his education in machine learning while developing tools to help discover the Higgs Boson particle at the CERN lab in Switzerland.  

Gayle Sheppard
Founder / Director

Gayle is currently the Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure.  She leads the vision, strategy, production management and customer experiences for Microsoft's portfolio of platforms and services.  Previously, she led Saffron, an AI technology company, to a successful exit with Intel.

Jayashree Subrahmonia
Founder / Director

Jayashree is the Global MD for AI Research and Products for Accenture.  She is responsible for driving the agenda to transform Accenture's service offerings.  Previously, she was part of the IBM Watson team and worked with the rest of the team as part of the Saffron AI division at Intel.